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Hotel Group Travel makes booking of hotel and meetings rooms that will make your group travel easy.  Whether you need ten or ten thousand rooms, Hotel Group Travel can take all the hassle out of procuring your group’s hotel rooms while saving you valuable time and money.

Hotel Group Travel takes the time to understand your specific group’s travel and meeting needs.  We then research and evaluate multiple hotels in your desired location, and finally get the hotels to bid against each other to get your group’s business.  Once the bids are in, we present the best option(s) to fit your group’s needs and budget.  We manage the RFP, the procurement process and negotiate the fine details of the contract to deliver the best value for your group.   Utilizing Hotel Group Travel will save you valuable time and money while delivering the best perks and upgrades to your group. 

Experience why organizations trust Hotel Group Travel with their site selection needs.  Our process saves you valuable time, and with the knowledge of a seasoned hotel professional on your side, your negotiating power for better facilities and rates will increase exponentially.

How it works

Earning your business – We live on the principal of earning your business every time.  Our mission is to "Simplify the task of negotiating and booking hotel rooms while delivering value." When your organization decides to utilize our service, we aggressively seek the best accommodations for your business, and we deliver the best value to you while saving you both the time and headache of finding those values by yourself!  We guarantee our results.  We have no contracts with our clients.  We know that if you are happy with our results, then we will be your first call when you want to book future group travel events.

Working for you – Our goal is to help you get the best travel deals while staying within your group’s budget.  By delivering the best value for our clients, we know that you will use and refer our service to others in the future.  We can work with any hotel worldwide, and we are part of their sales team.  However, our first priority is to give our direct clients the best travel options for their group.  We are compensated by receiving a placement fee from the hotel being used for your travel.  Our services are FREE to our clients!

Understand your group's needs - We make your job easier by removing the time consuming task of determining the hotels that can potentially fit your group’s needs.   We evaluate the potential hotels and present you with the best potential option(s) for your stay.  Then we negotiate the contract on your behalf.  Hotel Group Travel takes all of this hassle off of your plate.  Research indicates that approximately 40% of the time involved in planning a meeting is in the site selection process.  Our service gives that time back to you so that you can focus on meeting the rest of your group’s goals and have a fantastic event.

To get started – After you submit a request, a member of the team will contact you about your specific group’s travel and meeting needs.  Inform us with the group’s budget and important factors leading to your group’s hotel decision.  Knowledge is power.  We use this knowledge to negotiate when sourcing the hotel or motel for the group.  Provide us with the preferred date(s), the general location(s) of where you want to stay, the number of hotel rooms needed, any meeting or other function requirements, and important "hot buttons" for your group, and we will then move forward to find the best accommodations and value for you for a successful travel event.


We go to work – Once we know your needs, Hotel Group Travel will send out an RFP to the group of hotels who can potentially meet your groups travel needs.  Those facilities will typically submit their bids within 48 hours.  We will then send you a list and recommendations of the hotel(s) with the best value, and let you decide as to which one you would like to accept.  Once your decision is made, we will put negotiate the contract for you.  We will then assist you with any questions that you might have about getting your group booked at the hotel.  It’s that easy for to have a great group travel experience.


Leave your stress behind.  Save time and money with Hotel Group Travel and our FREE service

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